Welcome to BarkingFrogs.com, audioblog entries from actor Raphael Sbarge (Archie/Jiminy, Once Upon a Time; Kaidan Alenko, Mass Effect.)

"These audioblogs initially came out of an online request to read a love letter from a video game I voiced called Mass Effect. It was to be a one-off, a flight of fancy, a renegade voiceover for fans of the game. From that, things kind of went a little nuts, as there was a very strong response.

"What grew next was my thought to reach out to some other folks from the Mass Effect cast, friends and associates who were a part of this experience. I thought that it might be interesting to speak to them about their work, as I have always been fascinated by other people’s process, how they do what they do, and perhaps what they are thinking about when they do it. I am curious about them. I am inspired by what they say. I am encouraged to keep asking questions.

"These audioblog interviews, in no real order, are a product of my curiosity. Period. I have met some amazing people, and love hearing them talk. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ..." -- Raphael


Raphael shares updates from projects, including Once Upon a Time, Mass Effect, On Begley Street and more.

Mass Effect Q&As

Catch up on chats with Mass Effect voice artists Kimberly Brooks (Ashley) and Jennifer Hale (Commander Shepard).

Jane Espenson

Raphael talks with screenwriter Jane Espenson about Once Upon a Time, Husbands, how to start a writing career and more.

Ed Begley Jr.

Raphael and Ed Begley Jr. discuss their Web series, On Begley Street, and going green, among other topics.