21 OctListen to a message from Raphael Sbarge … and Kaidan Alenko

Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon a Time, Mass Effect) checks back in.

On the Mass Effect recording process (Transcript):

By request, a message from Kaidan Alenko (Transcript):


Hey, it’s Raphael Sbarge and I had hoped to do sort of an audio tour of the actual interior of Technicolor, but I wasn’t able to do that. My phone doesn’t really work in the elevator and there’s a garage, etc. But here’s what I can say:

You pull into the garage, you go up to the third floor, there’s a gal there who signs you in. You get a pass, and there’s a guard there, and they then press a button and these two doors sort of “Open Sesame.” And then you walk into what is essentially sort of a whole bunch of recording rooms off hallways, and this one central area, with just the most enormous server you’ve ever seen, surrounded by glass, and it’s obviously temperature-controlled and everything else.

Then go into Studio 3, which is where we’ve done all the recording for Mass Effect. And today, we did the last scene in the game. It was intense and emotional and, for the ladies, I can say it’s pretty rip-your-heart-out. The director is up in Canada, and the writers there as well, and they’re sort of called/patched through, so I hear them on the line, and we were all really choked up by that last scene. It was beautifully written and exciting to be a part of this whole journey of Kaidan.

Anyway, we’re back next week, next Thursday. They’re on a tremendous deadline to get this all done. We don’t usually have a lot or any time to chat or banter. We usually have to sort of keep going, “Next line, next line” — cough excuse me — just moving through. I’m tired because it’s a four-hour session, four-hour block of recording that happens. And it’s just me and a microphone, and them over the headphones, and then David, my recording engineer, who I get to look out at, who smiles up at me. I took a picture of him, and I’ll tweet that as well. But we had a great day today, and it was definitely a red-letter day, in terms of getting to something – getting to the end of something, even though we’re not done recording; it felt like a powerful moment.

OK, until we speak again. Thanks.

Kaidan Alenko's POV

Raphael Sbarge’s view while recording his lines for “Mass Effect.”

A special message:

Shepard, it’s Kaidan.

I need to tell you that it’s been a long wait since we’ve had a chance to play together, to go out, do what we need to do, travel the universe … keep this galaxy safe. I just want you to know that — I really depend on you, and I’m really, really looking forward to this mission, to the missions we have ahead and to the excitement that we know that we have a galaxy to protect and places to go, and a world to discover.

Signing off.

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10 Responses so far.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    That ‘message’ from Kaidan was just… uhhh <33 Raphael knows how to string along the fangirls. Although he sounded kind of sad, I hope there's a lot of moments like that in ME3 <3 happier ones :3 Damn Raphael is good at what he does! X3 These audioblogs were a great idea <3

  2. Lyriel says:

    “Rip your heart out?” Please don’t tell me it’s sad. I need there to be *one* game where the heroes actually get the happy ending they deserve.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I second this!! We want our happy ending with Kaidan :3

  4. Blaquewidowe says:

    Uuuuggghhh man, that guy! How dare he do that to us fangirls!

  5. Meri says:

    OMFG ! Kaidan’s message is so … so… HAAA! >O< (Well, you understood x))
    I want this happy ending too! I can't wait til March ! T^T <33

  6. Bekkael says:

    Loved the message from Kaidan to us FemShep players. :D I put all these audioblogs on my iPod. Not a creeper, I just love his amazing voice acting. ;)

  7. Eccentrica Gallumbits says:

    I love your voice and your laugh Mr. Sbarge! Thanks for doing this for the Kaidan fans, you are so awesome!

  8. Sara says:

    “Rip your heart out?” Oh, that better be just one of the many optional, possible endings & not the only ending w/Kaidan or I’m going to be really pissed off. Kaidan’s my Shep’s guy & she wants the happy ending. There better be a happy ending w/ Kaidan surviving for my femShep. I’m 100% positive I’m definitely not the only one w/that thought.

  9. Meri says:

    Hmm I’ve got a question : where can I get the MP3 file of Kaidan’s message ?

  10. Jean says:

    Ohgoodnessgraciousme. *WHY* did I click this link and listen to this? “Rip-your-heart-out?” Dear geez I did not need to hear that! T_T Please, can there be a happy ending? Carth didn’t get a happy ending, not really, so can we give Kaidan one instead? Please?

    But kudos to the Kaidan message. I think it made me redouble my fangirliness all over again. I’m so glad I have a save where Shep stays true to Alenko.

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