21 OctRaphael Sbarge shares more about ‘Mass Effect 3′ and ‘Once Upon a Time’

Raphael Sbarge is tackling audioblogging full force! He shares more about Mass Effect 3 and the new ABC drama Once Upon a Time.

What’s in store in Mass Effect 3? (Transcript)

On the recording process for Mass Effect 3 (Transcript):

What’s his new ABC drama Once Upon a Time like? (Transcript):

Transcript What’s in store in Mass Effect 3?

Hey, it’s Raphael Sbarge again. One of the questions that I’ve been getting a lot of is, “What happens in Mass Effect 3?”

I could tell you.

But then I’d have to kill you. And it’s either me, or the Geth. So, you know, take your choice.

No, seriously. I can’t say anything. But I can say that Kaidan Alenko’s back in a lot. Certainly for the female players, there’s a lot of action between Kaidan Alenko and you, the player, Madame Player. Which is exciting and pretty steamy, actually. laughs That’s what I want to say for the moment. OK.

Transcript: The recording process for Mass Effect 3

Oh, hi, this is Raphael Sbarge again. And I’m heading actually to record Mass Effect right now; Kaidan Alenko. We’re wrapping up – I guess the recordings have been working for several months — wrapping up the recordings, and we’re sort of cleaning up now.

They’ve got testers, people that work ‘round the clock, making sure how the game plays, you know, what kinds of things need to be rerecorded to play better, or if something just wants to be sort of accentuated in a different kind of way, we go back and do lines.

The whole thing happens at Technicolor, in Burbank. I’m on the freeway now in traffic, going from the 110 freeway, north up to the 101, up to, driving up to Burbank to record. And just leaving this up-to-the-minute, play-by-play action of a day in the life of Kaidan Alenko, aka Raphael Sbarge, doing Mass Effect.

Anyway, more to speak about soon. Thanks.

Transcript: What’s his new ABC drama Once Upon a Time like?

Hey, so the other thing that I want to just continue to speak to is the premiere of Once Upon a Time on Sunday. Completely different, certainly in tone and vibe from Mass Effect, but certainly huge crossover into fantasy world.

The show really is, it’s got such amazing production values and what they’ve done is create a very, very rich world, with a fantasy world and reality world playing against it. The production team is just so top-notch. It’s thrilling to be a part of such an amazing bunch of people; it’s kind of like being on an all-star team, when you just have so many people at the top of their game.

The show I think is different than pretty much any show that’s currently on the air; it really kind of breaks a lot of molds. We really are doing something that — you know it’s not a body of the week, or a case of the week, or the medical journey of the week. It really is way outside the lines.

When we went to the TCA event, which is a place where hardened critics machine-gun you with questions – you walk into a room with, essentially, 400 critics, sitting there, daunting to say the least – and you are faced with questions about your show. It’s the equivalent of facing a firing squad, honestly. But in the course of that, they asked questions like “How are you going to do this? What about this, and what about that?” I think obviously because, for all intents and purposes, it breaks so many rules of how, what a normal show would be on television. Which is the case of the week, the body of the week, the crime of the week or a who done it.

What they’re doing with Once Upon a Time is really telling a story almost like a novel, where you get a deep dive into a story or a character, or several characters over the course of the episode. Episode 105, the fifth episode, after tonight, is essentially a long telling of how Jiminy Cricket came to be, and how, through the wonderful imagination of these writers, essentially, what his evolution towards – how he became a cricket, effectively.

It’s so fun to be on a show that you really don’t know what’s coming next. You can’t necessarily anticipate or predict what the person’s going to say on the next page, or how it works. It’s just been thrilling. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do making it.

More to come. Thanks.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Listening to these made my day, damn he has a great voice!

  2. Bekkael says:

    Awesome. Thanks for giving Mr. Sbarge’s fans something new to feast on. :)

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